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May 20, 2012 by Mithil

Bag of Tricks

I hate visiting sport sites to check out the scores because its laborious, generally takes around 4-5 clicks on the screen before one actually gets to see the scores.  The surfing can also become arduous  dealing with knotty vocabulary words. In this fast track world time is demanding and one cannot squander valuable time on such things. A good internet addict (not FB addict) will know or develop tricks and shortcuts to deduce the cycle time and be more efficient. Google chrome provides one such bag of tricks on their site Chrome web store.

Even if you are an ardent Firefox fan, you would appreciate the way Chrome has revolutionized the internet experience. It uncomplicated things which were common on other browsers. It inspired its contemporaries  and left them way behind in competition. Now  Chrome web store takes the experience to the next level, crafting apps that are addictive and convenient. I don’t have to be apprehensive about losing my bookmarks or apps because the Gmail account syncs the data  and stores it. So if my browser gets crashed or the installed file gets corrupted, I can get it all back signing in and syncing the account.

Below I have put together a few imperative Chrome apps and extension that has played a contributing factor in enhancing my internet proficiency.


Sometimes I want to  shut a particular internet site just because it carries large vivid ads which dampen surfing mood. Sometimes this ads are NSFW and becomes a problem if I am sitting with my family. To do away with such trivial things I use Adblock, it eradicates the flashy messages  and blinking pictures.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Everybody who has experience with Gmail knows that it takes years to load the inbox. Earlier when I was in hurry, I used to curse the email provider and sometimes even bludgeoned my keyboard with fingers. This extension lets me check my inbox in just under a second. It even has voice activation which pretty comical to hear.

Facebook Notifications

Ever since I started blogging I wanted to lessen my FBing, just because I wasted considerably vast amount of my time  probing on other people.  Still I couldn’t just shun it, majority of my college friends are on FB and messages are exchanged now and then. This extension solved the problem, letting me know without walking into the den.

Google Dictionary

Being an avid blog reader(self-acclaimed) I do come across posts where I do get dubious about some words/phrases. Googling the word in another tab may be the orderly way of doing things, not any more. Thanks to Google(forever indebted) double clicking on the word, displays the meaning with provisions for translations and Wikipedia.


A better alternative to Google reader, more eloquent and has better features. One can categorize the subscription e.g. sports, satire, writing etc. With its magazine view of display it makes reading all the more fun. A must if you are a blog/RSS reader

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