Dawned on the beach

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May 26, 2012 by Mithil

They say life surprises you when your least expecting it. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, just some random experience and feeble state concurring on same frequency. Whatever it may, it let you stand face to face with the gods of nature, truly soak in the showers of blessings. Such experiences detaches you from the real world, real prejudiced world and lets you take in the momentary pleasures of the unseen.

I got up dusting of the last grains of sand from my body. Despite the gentle moping, I felt smeared by obscured tiny bit. The thought of obscurity last night launched a soft smile on my lips. Caught up in a reverie, I gathered bits and pieces. In a hurried plight I checked if my cell was still in the pocket of my trousers. To humongous relief it was, checked the new message of Chelsea FC fan about winning CL. Such dismal start to a new day, I thought to myself and checked the time. The big glowing 5 was eloquently visible on the screen. I probed about the last few times I had been up this early. Nada, the brain didn’t oblige and I was left to drop the topic. In attempting rejuvenation, I gave my body a shake as I tried to conjure the atmosphere around me.

Standing in a small hut, close to the shoreline I was gazing at the ceaseless infinity of sea. The sand under my toes was snow-white and chilly from the freezing night. Dark clouds were playing the opening gig for the indispensable sun.  Around me, my fellow partisans were splayed like vultures on a fading tree, though innocuous and preoccupied. Pulling up my sandals I walked out of the hut kicking the impeding dunes prevalent on the beach.  Although 5am doesn’t qualify as a night, I was amazed by the diaphanous view of the shore. My musings came to a sudden halt following the active footsteps behind me. It was an old couple, perhaps non Indian prancing for the early morning jogs.  Marching lazily a few more steps, I continued to bathe in the relentless rush of energy.  The litter was sprawled on the beach sporadically. Water phobic stray dogs were getting psyched up for a busy day ahead.  Around the same time some men on the far east side of the beach were busy mending the shack. The place would host a lot of people later and the desolated coast would come alive replacing the calmness with hysteria.  The serenity of the ambience was titillating and often reflective. It pushed a lot of questions; responsibilities; affiliations, waiting for me unravel and make less complicated. The thoughts frightened me giving me the goose bumps but it never deterred me. The rise and retreat of the waves sermonised me and thought how their actions were archetypal with the way of life.

Truly overwhelmed I began backtracking, eyes still on the distant horizon searching the incalculable possibilities. But the moment had evaded me, sailing away and shoving me back to my world. Alert again, I glanced around to see meagre crowd ambling along the creased line of shore. Behind me a few metre across my friends were less preoccupied now. As I walk back to the hut, I realised how unappreciative and petulant we behave and how we miss out on such fleeting moment of solace.

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