Movie Review : Wanna be a star

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May 28, 2012 by Mithil

ImageHaving been mostly without any real work, I was reading the daily newspaper when I came across this small box mentioning the screening of a Portuguese movie called ‘Quero ser uma estrela’ or ‘Wanna be a star’ in English. It was on weekend and most importantly at my erstwhile college. I would have felt indolent if it was any other place. I even announced my plans to friends who I figured never liked the idea. Let’s face it; no one wants to read subtitles while watching a movie (also minus popcorn). I on the other hand was excited about it, feeling eager to sit among meagre movie fanatic mortals and enjoy the all European show.  One added bonus of getting to watch the movie was to visit my college where I spent some of the most memorable years of my life. I was all pumped up until I got the disappointing news, the movie screening was primarily for Portuguese learning students. Still nobody stopped nobody from watching it.

The movie is largely concentrates on child trafficking and prostitution wherein young innocent girls are false assured of a lavish life in fashion industry. It starts off showing a fractured marriage of Teresa and Xavier. Teresa knows her husband is cheating on her but still she let it pass. But when she excavates nude pictures of teenage girls from her husband’s coat she’s devastated. She detest him for his atrocities and takes refuge at his friends house. Meanwhile the daughter of the maid working at her husband house is on child trafficker’s radar. The sweet-talking  evil looking Xabila convinces the girl and her mother and gives them the dreams they never dreamt. As the story unfolds the characters lives are intervened, giving the story the twist and the deserved final product.

I should mention this beforehand that my first time movie screening experience was very good. The crowd(20-25) was civilized, maybe not a movie fan but still nobody laughed or passed a remark during the movie(especially during love scenes). The start is very unorthodox, presenting small pieces from each of the lives. Later on the chips start to fall in the place relating the characters and their plots. One might feel a little distant in the first 15 minutes but later half does ensure a more pleasant ride. Also the cinematography and background music is distinctive unlike the Hollywood ones; or maybe that’s just how Europeans roll. All the characters justified their roles in the movie with the ravishing Dalila Carmo as Teresa playing the good wife who can’t take anymore of her husband transgressions acted by Filipe Vargas. Special mention should go to Gilberto Mendes roll as stout Xabila who defines his intentions with his trademark evil look+smile. The others do carry the film in very well manner.

Thinking it as a documentary type movie is notion, the movie doesn’t preach nonetheless the feel of the movie is very casual. Some parts evoke empathy while others disgust but at the end it does leave you feeling relieved. The whole concept of the title comes to fore at the end. A must watch if your planning a European experience.

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