How I Met My Android


June 15, 2012 by Mithil

Earlier when I got my first cell, I bought for the simplistic reason to call, message and occasionally connect to pc. At that time it was very much a dispensable piece and I should thank my friend for his constant rambling and pushing, that influenced me to take the cell. I don’t regret taking my first cell nor do I talk shit about it.  The K320i neither had a good looks nor it had good memory but my necessities were meagre and I felt replete with whatever I had.


But times have changed now, people take mobiles to capture pictures, enjoy music, edit documents, send and receive emails and browse the internet. The sound of tic-tic is rarely heard and people invest more time in ogling at the 3 inch screen. The era of CDMA has been replaced by dual sim GSM mobiles and thanks to Google maps travelling has become the new vogue.


So after exploiting and enervating the poor thing to inconceivable proportion I finally decided to give it away, let it get disinherited. Meanwhile I was not ready to buy a new piece, I didn’t wanted it to be just another buy. I had to look for the perfect configuration, the perfect match for me. So when my dad said he wanted a new one(dual sim) and I can borrow his for some time, I duly agreed. The cell was an OK piece, apt for my necessities for a temporary duration. At the same time, lot of people around me were buying brand new shiny pieces that flew angry birds and fruit ninja’s that can chop the whole market. In this hurdle of apps and widgets, I was awed by the conglomeration of data onto a single click,  by their relentless pursuit to fit the whole desktop in a 2 kg bar of electronic machinery. it took me weeks to get habituated with the touch phenomena and lot more to make up my mind for the next cell.



Upon the Android revolution my requisite for constant information was surging. I wanted to do a lot more than just call, message and occasional surfing. The internet on my mobile was piteous and a probable cause for my many migraines. Meanwhile I was having some of my very awful time at work, needed to burn a lot of time in some productive work. Feeling the need, I listed the my requirements on basis of precedence. On analysing I concurred that I needed no fancy camera or full touches on my cell. The basic requirements were

    Qwerty keypad (no full touch screen)
    Good Internet experience
    Under INR 12000
    3G enabled
    Android OS 

This requirements are chronologically placed and their probability of compromise rises as we go down the list. Making a quick check on the shopping sites I shortlisted 3 mobiles of similar price range. The next step was crucial, the moment of truth. Two things can happen I thought to my self, either I will look back at this moment  with pride holding the cell high above or I could be muttering vile curses remembering the time. My mind was rapidly switching between the 3 mobiles, inept to conjure the perfect match. I didn’t rushed into things, instead I waited to make  up my mind, brainstorm with my  magnanimous friends and  came to definite decision.


I now hold this beauty in my hand … completely content with the features it offers.


  Image : Flipkart


3 thoughts on “How I Met My Android

  1. Anil Sharma says:

    The title is awesome. 🙂

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