Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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June 15, 2012 by Mithil


On a dreaded evening I sat with my laptop  to watch another of Guy Richie latest movie. It seems unwittingly I am having Richie movie marathon with last one being Snatch.  But WTH, good work and good movies never seems to elude my movie list. Just to keep with it , I tried to remember the first part of the series, couldn’t recollect a single thing except the pleasant pairing of two lead actors and maybe a fight sequence. So anticipating a good old bromance and  assortment of witty remarks and searing fight sequences, I plugged the earphones of my laptop into my ears.


Sherlock Holmes in his perennial yearning for crime fighting, get habituated to the dark deeds of Professor Moriarty. The Prof. however threatens Holmes of ill-consequences to Dr. Watson and his new bride and coerce him to shut down the investigation. What happens next is a series of unfortunate events that Holmes fortunately (obviously)  evades through with his quick thinking and charming persona. The movie is starts rather interestingly with Holmes disguised as weird Chinese guy. Its packed with lot of action and slo-mo features that will leave you mind boggled. The interest never dips thanks to such good narration and enthralling sequences. Some of the very intense scenes are handled with great prowess. Special mention should also go to cinematography, it assist you in painting in your mind the 1891 London and some other parts of Europe. I do remember some  drollery and witty dialogues from the first part , this one lives up to that expectation, even better I must say. Robert Downey Jr. shows his proficiency and level of easiness he can be Sherlock Holmes. Jude law supports well and does light up the plot in some vital scene. The original ‘The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo’  star Noomi Rapace playing the hippie however disappoints as she has only little to contribute to the story. The character of Prof. Moriarty played by Jared Harris is apt and is splendid in the climax.


Game of Shadows in no bore by any stretch of imagination, the presence of two leads and super effects makes it worth a watch.

Image Courtesy : IMDB


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