The Amazing Spider-man


June 30, 2012 by Mithil

Amazing Spidey


I had no expectations with rejuvenated amazing Spider-man except for the lead pair who bagged quite a  reception critically and from the public fro their last outing on the silver screen. My indifference was the advantage, going blank, no expectation, no affiliation; just another movie I am going to waste my money on. I neither followed the promos nor did I had any idea about the mutated storyline. It was probably because I never liked people messing with good movies in the name of ‘reboots’. Why do it again? What’s the point in showing the obvious? It’s not like spidey’s firing bullets from his arm (lame I know).


The story starts up with a young Peter scouring about the house in a game of hide and seek with his parents Richard and Mary Parker. Next he is adopted by his Uncle and aunt on persuasion by his parents who thinks it isn’t safe for them to stay together. Next he is high school going  seventeen year old kid. Next he stumble upon the research of his father in the cellar and starts scrutinizing the data, which obviously is the only missing part in a research at Oscorp. As you can see there’s are some major strategic altercation to the story when compared to the Spiderman. The cinematography is awe-inspiring with those big leaps over the buildings,thought the air, the shots in sewerage and one in the bridge rescue scene. The movie crosses my presumption of being a copy, rather it’s a beautiful cross pollination between the original and new ideas. If  I have to analogize the original and the ‘amazing’ I have to say that amazing is more wittier, there’s lot of experimentation with the powers and the romance is more profoundly exhibited. The VFX accessorise the emotion in the plot effectively and I less often find myself getting my eyes of the screen.


The soul of the movie is it’s new blood, although I have seen Andrew Garfield in  better roles, his Peter Parker is a revelation. He shift proficiently between a shy romantic and a ridiculously charming vigilante. In some of the scenes he outshines Tobey Maguire(matching scenes), making his own niche among the spidey’s. Emma stone as Gwen Stacy is enchanting and contributes profusely to the plot. The romantic pairing is cracking, this is a major plus if one’s counting the pro’s. The role of Dr, Curt Connors played by Rhys Ifans does good but I do find him a little mellow considering the number of times he gets beaten up. Our very own Irfan Khan’s screen time is disappointing, although much better than Anil Kapoor in MI5. Instead of   Spider- man it was Marc Webb(Director) who’s identity was obscure to me.


I don’t know the reason why they kept the name ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ but something on the lines of ‘Spider-man Origins’ would have been more legit. Just a thought anyways ….. huh ..yeah go for the movie if you want to see spider-man more witty, innovative and more importantly ‘different’.

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2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-man

  1. Haricharan says:

    Loved Andrew as the new Spidey but the film on the whole lacked soul. Hope the sequel lives up to the expectations

    • mithil293 says:

      Spot on about andrew garfield, he brought something we missed or were tired of seeing in Maguire. This spidey is much more wacky and bold than the first one. And i was deeply impressed by the lead couples maybe because i never expected them to be and thats where i guess i found the soul. 🙂

      Sequels is whole different thing, make no presumptions have no hope, thats my mantra … . 😉

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