What I thought of EURO 12!!

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July 3, 2012 by Mithil

I don’t know if you would agree when I say that the football tournament concluded past Sunday was close to a drab. Before proceeding any further with my maleficent blabbering I would like to confess that I am no self proclaimed football pundit nor have I was witness to 70+ games played.  But  with fair amount of  league games I have seen in the past years I am forced to say this inconvenient truth. My displeasure is directed mostly towards the big teams who despite being promising couldn’t stir up the expected performances  Apart from few ones, most of the games played were either decided in the first half or they were played to a draw. Although players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario balotelli, Andres Iniesta and others in the category did put in some unparalleled performances, it was barely enough for me to endure it  for 90 min.


If I have to pick one team that did interest me and made the game watchable, it has to be Germany. Unlike other teams, Germany played more offensive and their midfield ensured that the ball remained most of the times in their preferred half of the ground. Spain have amazing group of players but they were more interested in making their opponents suffer by not conceiving any possession. They did change their game in the final though. Italy showed their quality in the presence of Pirlo and Rossi, whereas Balotelli’s second strike against Germans was the best goal of tournament. Portugal came closer to realising their dream thanks to the lone ranger Cristiano Ronaldo, he glided past his opponents like ice skater would. Also special performances from Czech Republic and Denmark saw them gaining the applause they truly deserve. Other teams were just not ready, their performance exuded disgust with their negative playing tactics(not all) and a major reason  I ended up sleeping on a couch.


Not to be over critical, there were some moments I enjoyed and forgot about the dismal on field tactics. The trailblazing runs of Cristiano Ronaldo were astounding, one could just evince awe and admiration for the guy. Andres Iniesta  and Andrea Pirlo showed finesse with first touches and instrumental in their respective team wins. Mario Balotelli was the revelation of the tournament with his fine strikes and tomfoolery.   Then there is the ageing Shevchenko who with his heroics in the first match tried dragging his team past group stages. He may not have been successful  but he won lot more than the EURO trophy. As usual there were some not so good moments but they drew a lot of attention like France dressing room drama, Cassano’s anti-gay comments, Bendtner public flashing of undies, Russia-Polland clashes.


Summing up,  I would say that the individual performances is what I cherished in the tournament and apart from few top teams I saw no particular ‘team play’.  And although Spain were my favourites(that’s what I used to tell my friends) I wanted Germany to win the trophy. I know wierd but reading this you might get what I meant to say.


PS : One other thing I liked is waiting till 12 to watch the game, the time when there is no kit-pit from maa to watch her daily s***s, just pure tranquillity and 2 hours of hardcore football.


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