Horrible Bosses


July 9, 2012 by Mithil

When I saw Hangover II, I tried to measure it with the first part. I couldn’t do it, the surprise factor weighed in the part I was less obvious compared to II and the the whole movie(II) seems to be banal. By that time I was assured I wont be witnessing anything close to Hangover. Obviously I was wrong, seeing Horrible Bosses made me feel satiated, like Hangover I was left with wanting more of the protagonists  as well as the antagonists.

The movie is about 3 friends and their respective bosses and how they get whirled into series of unfortunate yet comical events. Seeing their careers and personal life getting thwarted,, they decide to get their obstinate and carpetbagger bosses  killed. This whole plan goes haywire and they are left in a situation where they could end up in jail. The story itself is enough to provoke a chuckle and the initial part is analogous with the real life. First of all the Casting of the movie is marvellous, established actors like Kevin Spacey, Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day render the movie with their charismatic and riotous acting. The movie floats on the performances of these actors and glides sleekly through the rough portions. The cameos by Jamie Fox is hilarious and often questions why is he doing not enough comedy. Charlie Day actually lights up some very good scenes thanks to the slutty character of Jennifer Aniston. The dialogues of Jason Sudeikis are cracking whereas the characters portrayed by Spacey and Farrell is what I call the cherry(s) on the top.

Though I am new to working under a boss I do get the same vibe from  my experienced colleagues as it is shown in the movie(although murdering someone is titbit over-the-top).  The movie on the whole is great watch, a roller coaster ride if I have to be precise.  It’s not Hangover by any chance but it comes quite close to achieving that standard.



2 thoughts on “Horrible Bosses

  1. Haricharan says:

    I loved this film. It was hilarious and the casting was brilliant. Kevin Spacey was amazing as the mean boss. You should check out another film called ‘Swimming With Sharks’ where Kevin plays the meanest boss ever. great review 🙂

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