July 15, 2012 by Mithil


After being constantly hit by numerous impressive promos of Cocktail (surrendered to hype) I caught up with the movie along with my friends. It was one of those movies I paid a little steeper price for the ticket and believe me it is kind of rare occasion for my gang. However the decision was not by choice but out of desperation to see on the first day, trust me procrastination in matters of watching movies with friends  is not a good idea. So off we went smiling, ready to be plunged in yet another romance cum comedy movie and by the time we came out of the doors we were relieved we had dug our pockets deep for the right movie .

I wont dwell on elaborating the details or the story of the movie as every tom dick and harry can foresee it from the promos. For others, it’s love triangle romance involving 2 females and one male protagonist. You might have seen the type and you might even know the ending  but that’s just the case in most of the contemporary movies. But what sets this movie apart is it’s fresh approach, it was like that YRF movie ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’ only without the melodramatic scenes or the sobbing background score. The first half of the movie goes pretty smooth, with lot of humour and slick lines. Saif’s ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ is to cocktail what Omi Vaidya’s Chamatkar was to 3 Idiots. It was that hilarious and to top it off some amazing comic timing by Boman Irani and Dimple Kapadia. I still chuckle reminiscing the scene where Dimple tells Boman to offer the money to bhikaris in London. The interest drops a little in the second half, which is more of realisation of feelings between the protagonists. But thanks to some stupendous acting the boat kept sailing. The music and background score is quiet enjoyable and it also augments the whole viewing experience.

The movie largely rests on chemistry of 3 leads and it’s suffice to say they deliver comprehensively. Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of Gautam is wacky, he is borderline raunchy but ingenuous and soft at heart matters. His comic timing is impeccable and up the ante after his prior stint at Love Aaj Kal. Diana Penty as Meera in the movie fits perfectly, looking gorgeous and so serenely Indian that anybody would be confounded to know about her modelling career. I just kept drooling at her beautiful eyes and husky (so was I thought) voice. Last one of the protagonist is Deepika Padukone as Veronika, the leggy beauty kept us wishing for more in what I could say her best performance till date. Veronica is a independent leaving, live the moment kind of girl who I thought was the pivot between the other two. She grabs the attention in the second half and provides a memorable performance. Homi Adajania as director makes a successful debut in Hindi movies and exhibited a overused plot in a very fresh manner.

Cocktail is everything you would anticipate from the promos, it’s witty, circles around three friends(mind you 2 are HOT) and if have a fetish for Imtiaz Ali type of movies you would love this. I would certainly advise you to watch these.   



2 thoughts on “Cocktail

  1. Haricharan says:

    Didn’t enjoy this film at all. I call it ‘cock’ tale for all its sexual connotation. But, I’m glad you took out time to actually review this film 🙂

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