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August 29, 2012 by Mithil

I was recently confronted with one of the best works of Alfred Hitchcock, 1960 classic horror/suspense movie Psycho. It’s a well known movie among the regular movie goers and certainly a movie to acknowledge. When I spotted the movie in my friends list, I was astounded since such old movies were hard to come by and also the fact that he had little idea of who Hitchcock was.  

After 110 minutes of watching one of the immensely gratifying films, I could certainly say that the movie and its creators duly deserve all the praise and accolades they have been getting. The movie was very unorthodox for its time with few scenes of sexuality and violence. From the start the movie is characterized by intricate camera angles and very innovative shots. Some scenes need only a one time watch to remember for lifetime like the shower scene (one whole chapter is dedicated to this scene on Wikipedia), the meeting of Norman Bates and Marion or the classic climax on Norman. If someone is engaging in this movie with no prior knowledge of the movie, then from the first few minutes he would think it as a cop-thief movie. By the time he realises the actual plot he would surely get flabbergasted. The movie marches along on a unknown path, perpetually depicting the predicaments which are very much understandable. The site of Marion when she runs with the money and the moment of realization of her crime are such example. Also the recurring shots of Norman Bates house are creepy and it does evoke a sense of horror.

After watching this I am planning on getting to know Hitchcock with his other movies though his mastery is inescapable in Psycho. he likes his characters to be as realistic as possible though his sophisticated ways behind  camera are way ahead of its times. Anthony Perkins as Norman bates is top notch, his dialogue delivery and soft spoken demeanour makes him more likable. His climax scene sent jitters up my spine. Janet Leigh as Marion Crane is convincing as she keeps it simple. She makes us believe she is Marion, character torn between her love and her virtues. All the other contribute equally especially Martin Balsam who I was delighted to see after 12 angry men

I am glad I got to see the movie which is impregnated with moments of film excellence. I am hoping on catching much more of Hitchcock and Perkins work.


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3 thoughts on “WILA – Psycho

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  2. gregory moss says:

    Although the original Psycho is in a league of its own, Psycho II and Psycho III are worth watching too. Psycho II was directed by Aussie Richard Franklin, who was a protege of Hitchcock’s. Psycho III was directed by Anthony Perkins. They are quite worthy sequels in their own right. 🙂

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