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September 8, 2012 by Mithil


The last time I was this emotionally perplexed after watching a movie was when I saw August Rush. That was a pleasant experience. This is more of roller-coaster of emotionally driven content topped with some high-octane family drama . For those of you who seems to judge a story by it’s cover, this one is lot different. The trailer hardly justifies the plot of the movie, instead it makes me think of the stereotypical sob story.


A son returns to his once alcoholic father to get trained for a MMA event. On the other side his brother is preparing to contest the same to keep his family afloat in difficult times.Things are not going good between the three, a direct effect of the choices made by them.The movie clicks right from the start, giving us the most complex and gritty intro scene I have ever seen. It dives right into the core of the story instead of languishing in the ruins of background stories. The screenplay is well weaved into the story to get acclimatised to actors and their state of affairs. Even if the movie relies on family drama, it’s lead characters are all male, thus giving the movie a more stubborn feel. The plot seems to lead to a impending collision course, though also putting light on smaller issues such as recession, addiction and guilt. The actions scenes are spectacularly shot from narrow angles and well incorporated into the movie.


It’s that kind of movies where it’s difficult to take sides, to brood on the good and the bad aspects. The characters seem more real with the choices they make, with animosity that’s prevalent within characters and the bridges they want to mend.


The above paragraphs are not worthy of mention if it’s not for the ingenious acting of the cast. The triumvirate of Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton produces the maximum quality product that can be expected from them. Although menacing in most of his movies, he carves a character that’s deeply ridden with guilt and longing for the love of his sons. A particular scene  drunk Nolte asking Hardy ‘to stop the ship’ is so gripping. Hardy on the other hand plays the angry man deserted by both father and brother perfectly. The betrayal and the anger of his character is aptly conveyed by the smug looking Hardy and he barely needs words to do the talking (very much like TDKR). His ripped physiques also adds to the effect. Joel Edgerton playing a normal husband/father with extraordinary responsibilities is not behind his celebrated cast. His characterization of a man torn between his love and his duty is admirable. The rest of the lot do contribute adequately.


Don’t hold back thinking this is a family drama for those who like watching mediocre television soaps. It’s better with lots of action (MMA), emotions and a great climax scene. Watch it for the performances.   

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