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September 12, 2012 by Mithil

Buy now 

Not so long ago around 2005 when I was in high school and when I had a decent internet connectivity in my house I thought of buying a mp3 player online. It was out of my fascination for music and the curiosity to judge the quality of the recent inception of e-commerce industry in Indian market. Fair to say that it was a big gamble at that time buying a electronic item online since their ability in matters of  customer support and servicing were least to be confided. Unfortunately the inevitable occurred and I was in possession of a fake electronic equipment that did little to bemuse my hankering ears.


In my defence I would like to confess that the placed order was to a internationally reputed site and I was promised I-pod type looks and features (ok, desperate). But that didn’t stop my mother from going haywire about it, even today she keeps reminding me of my idiocy with her typical I-told-you-so smile. My friends however knowing the knucklehead I could be, supported and sympathized with me. It was sometime before I treaded the same path but with a more rewarding happy ending.



In the following years with the industry booming ever so rapidly I was getting less apprehensive about the fears of buying online. A major part of the buying went to books since being in college meant pilling a lot of unsought books. With each new buy  confidence in the service provided by a meagre lot burgeoned to an extent that I started to try my hands at electronic stuff. Clicking the ‘Buy now’ had become a fascination, it was like going to a fair, one would just jump with hysteria with the mere mention of it.



But the most dangerous gamble that paid off has to be when I bought myself a cell from my own hard-earned money. I was advised by my friends to buy from the more convenient local shops since the pricing was more or less the same. There was also the common fear among some that I wont get the exact item, that my battery could be faulty or parts maybe counterfeited. I on the other hand had no such notion’s as I knew where to look and was very much a pro in such things. That’s not to say that I never had any encounters of bad service from the sites, I enjoyed a fair part of it. Yes enjoyed because one’s I am subjected to any irregularities in their service or any quality lapses on their part, I would relish dishing out the most loathsome mails with hints of sarcasm. However language would be under the norm and the ending very fruitful. I have learnt in this process that if one is good at giving money, he should be equally dextrous to get it back. I was overjoyed when I laid my hands on  my most expensive buy online. I still carry it and people are still amazed by the deal I got.



People have still got doubts, the fear is still lurking with lot of cyber crimes stories developing daily. But that wont stop the e-commerce industry from flourishing. In metros some firms have started providing vegetables with a click. It wont be long before we have virtual markets coming up all over the internet. Right now there are plethora of sites which offer great deals everyday and what’s great is it’s few clicks away.

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2 thoughts on “Buy now revolution

  1. All the best, you are a pro 😀

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