Movie Review – Barfi!


September 20, 2012 by Mithil


Sometime around 2 months back when I first caught glimpse of Ranbir Kapoor starrer Barfi, I was captivated and overwhelmed by the colours and feel that 3 minute video exuded. Albeit harbouring obvious cautious about the movie, I was convinced of it’s uniqueness and message. I never considered Anurag basu a ordinary director, hoping onto any big budget movies with high on the payroll scale star cast. Even when Kites made it to the theatres I was pleasantly pleased by it’s outcome. For me his movies put forth the more distinct human relationship to the fore.

Barfi involves 3 primary lead characters namely Barfi – a mute chap going about life like there’s no tomorrow, Shruti – as a Bengali girl who falls in love with Barfi but her relevance on her mother weighs over her aptness  in making decision related to heart, Jhillmil – autistic, insecure girl and compatriot to Barfi for most part of the movie. One can sense the ubiquitous vividness when any two of these makes their presence together on screen. At first it all seems surreal with the mannerisms and the look of it, but then the charm of Barfi starts to evolve with the Chaplin-sque ways, with the smiles and with the heartbreaks. The humour in the movie is intelligent although not original. The scene where Barfi first sees Shruti, the proposal letter to Shruti’s parents scene, robbery scene, lamp post cutting etc are some of the scenes where one is left overwhelmed. The intermittent flashbacks and flash forwards are very well incorporated and ones gets the feeling of travelling through an era. Although the movie is  complete package of fun, drama and superb acting, it overplays some aspects of moviemaking. Like the music which I enjoyed swooning too, gets played every second scene making it repetitive and monotonous. Also the length of the movie is quite a worry for director who had squeezed a movie like Life in a Metro in under 2 hours. Frankly speaking I prayed the movie stopped after 2h20m because it was stretching too far. Sometimes the pranks and the antics of Barfi seem overplayed evidently contributing to length factor.

The setting of the movie in Darjeeling and Kolkata  helps amply in getting the correct feel of the plot and what the makers had to convey. Not to mention the toy train seeing after a long time (Parineeta I guess).

Ranbir Kapoor seem to cross every string of imagination every time he takes a movie project. Most of his films start from the same pole, a quirky guy who’s chasing girls, blowing kisses in air, he drinks and then the characters start to develop taking their own paths. It’s in this movies that he excels in doing what he does best, not be a stereotype like others. Ranbir instils such life and charm into the character that it is difficult to imagine any other actor doing it. Being an admirer of Ileana D’cruz for talents other than acting, I have been quite satisfied with the way she played Shruti. She carried the role with grace and without stealing from the books of Hema Malini or Sharmila Tagore. Priyanka Chopra playing Jhillmil is the icing on the cake, her well played mannerisms of autistic girl and far more convincing, and her rapport with RK is truly a plus for the movie. She has the most impressive list of female oriented movies in recent years and that I the prime reason she played the part more proficiently. Saurabh Shukla playing the grouchy yet funny Police officer is a treat to enjoy.

Such movie are very rare to come by and even if they do you wouldn’t get to admire the skills and humour with which it is handled. It’s a must catch from me.


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