Oh my God – Movie review

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October 2, 2012 by Mithil

 Oh my god India is a country obsessed with religion and the ‘faithful’ could go to any extent to prove their devotion to the almighty. To please Him they try to fast or climb a rocky hill bare footed. While all this seems befitting for a devotee maybe for misgivings done or remorse nested, it certainly not the case when one tries to bribe Him with money. It’s outrageous how people try to insure their future and cleanse their conscience with offerings that mean little to the receptor. Also contributing in this crime are the temple institutes, who subterfuges the blind folded followers and navigate the money raised by the funds for their own individualistic means. While this may not be a universal thing, but news of mismanagement of funds does crop up every now and then. 


The recent movie I went to see enlightened me with the same and even confronted me with more depreciating facts. Oh my God centres around a Guajarati Business man named Kanjhi (Paresh Rawal) who otherwise doesn’t believe in God but make a lot of money from people who do by selling them idols and other religious crafts for unreasonable price. On a particular day earthquake strikes and his business is wrecked. Un deterred  he tries to claim the insurance but is shunned away by the manager declaring the case as a act of God. This infuriates him, seeing his family dragged to street overnight he decides to sue God for the making his life miserable. This movie is a brave attempt and the makers should be applauded for coming up such meaningful yet fresh content. While the movie has slow start it becomes interesting in the middle and enlightening at the end. It triumphs because it Oh my God doesn’t gets preachy with the content, instead the quick witty remarks are innovative and indirectly expresses the message. Infact the movie works because it has some very good list of dialogues and one liners that will give any religiously strict person food for thought. The scene where the protagonist slaps the insurance company manager saying it’s a act of God or the many such courtroom drama dialogues are treat to watch. The movie may get a little absurd in the middle but it maintains it’s rhythm. In the end the movie leaves a taste of sweetness combined with a instinctive wow. It reiterates that there is more to God than just temples and idols, that religion is made for human kind not the other way around. The movie is stuffed with such sermonising phrases that makes you stand up and applaud. There is dialogue in the climax which goes like this ‘these people are god fearing people not god loving’, which is I thought the most apt one and delivered at the right time. Also irrelevant song sequences are reduced to minimal which is a good thing.


It almost unimaginable to see any other person doing the protagonist other than Paresh Rawal. If it hadn’t been him it wouldn’t be even worth listening to the movie. He is the pivot and everything that a film needs. His characterisation of a aam aadmi  stuck between religious goons and big suit sharks should get maximum praise. He is present in almost most of the scenes and his superiority in his dialogue delivery is unequalled. Akshay Kumar playing the God is humble but rarely does anything that flashing signature  white teeth’s. Mithun Chkhraborty as some religious super-saint is funny which unfortunately doesn’t help his case as a tough villain. In fact I found his portrayal pretty juvenile and derogatory.


See this movie if your are religious status says confused, see it for it’s witty remarks and innovative dialogues but most of all see it if you want to get entertained and enlightened.


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