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October 21, 2012 by Mithil


One look at the trailer was all it needed for me to know that 3 months on I will be witnessing some majorly spectacular motions on the screen. Like they say, I was psyched up about it, even went to voluntary promotion of the movie by badgering my friends before they were all awed by the trailer. I would recommend anybody interested to check out the trailer first.


The story transpires between the time frame of 30 years, not really. Joe Simmons is a looper, a guy who kills humans sent from future(approx 30yrs) by the mafia or other criminal organisations as it’s believed that it’s impossible to kill someone secretly in the future. By doing their work they are liable to hefty bounty in silver plates. Then comes a day in the life of a looper when unknowingly he kills his old self sent from the future, later evident by the gold bounty and the acknowledgment that he has 30 years more to live from that exact date. The problem occurs when the system goes haywire and Joe Simmons older self escapes his death in the hands of his younger one.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


When I walked out of the theatre still grasping titbits of the plot, I got a call from a friend. When I mentioned him the movie he asked me if it is as exerting as Inception. Such presupposing questions are normal if one has watched the trailer or has read a lot into the hype. The first half whiz by elucidating the plot and the world at the present date. Writer blends creativity and innovation in such a unconventional manner that sometimes one is intrigued by what he is seeing. The cars running on solar panels, motorbikes hovering or the various gadgetry that carves the look of the movie. These things augments the movie experience to another level, but mind you they are just the sidekick to the main element – story and it’s screenplay. I realised myself deeply engrossed when my friend was tugging my hand for something he missed. It was irony the way Joe Simmons present and future character fought for their own needs,to save their own life. Second half is very much ups the tempo just when you think that the story is heading where it not suppose to be. There is not much rumour in the movie but it more than thrives on it’s unique concept and it’s amazing performances. The music is aptly well synched with the situation and unnecessary use of background score is negated.


Epic Scene

I couldn’t stop smiling when Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the younger JS sits opposite Bruce Willis playing the older JS in a coffee shop acting out the same signature Willis expressions. Although the makeup does add to the effect, but Levitt simply owns the movie simply for the way he emulates another guy with such perfections. For Bruce, this is for him Die Hard at a smaller scale. Although serious most of the time, he adds that little charm and humour to the movie. Emily Blunt playing Sara is does her part very well and most of her scenes in the second half are very enjoyable. I am not revealing much but the way Pierce Gagnon acts out the kid is ridiculously amazing. Director Rian Johnson is new name to me but his movies are not. He needs maximum praise for writing and directing such good and enjoyable movie.


It’s a must watch for the guys bored with regular cinema, even without the story it’s different and unique for the way it’s handled. For the guys who fear of inceptio-nia, dont worry it you just need to have good functioning average brain in the right place to watch this, nothing more.


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3 thoughts on “Looper – Movie Review

  1. Arun Kumar says:

    Good review. Gordon-Levitt gives a great performance. Liked this movie, though not very twisted like Nolan’s Inception.

  2. Dustin Sell says:

    i just love the movie looper, it is really a nice movie. great visual effects too.”

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