#THiNK2012 Day 2

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November 4, 2012 by Mithil

There’s never a feeling that equals being happily sceptical about how the rest of the day is going to develop for you. Of course you have the menu card with you, but the delicacies are untouched to the many taste buds. That brings excitement, rejuvenation and curiosity which when confronts and approves the reality gives a product that’s far more pleasurable to the seeking mind. And that’s exactly how it all panned out at day 2 of THiNK2012.


THiNK 2012

Lobby room of grand Hyatt

Teaching science in reference to humanity is very cumbersome to a lot that one presumes to be not of the same field. The very fact that David Christian tried enumerating the various fields that constitutes the subject of Humanity which evidently led to big history is unimaginable. In layman terms he eloquently put together everything and travelled 13.7b years to explain the topics of threshold. Mona Eltahawy was at her feisty best (I guess) in putting across her views on Egyptian revolution early this year. She reiterated that the revolution in her country was not even a bit about religion, it was of equality and rights. She even told about story of how a single tweet from a activist mobile in a Egyptian jail saved her life and gave the revolution a new meaning. The sessions of George Schaller and James Randi were awe inspiring, they are different set of people. I felt motivated by their unhindered love for their passion and it’s still astounding to see them carry out the same work at such old age. Respect and salute to them.



Kavita Seth Singing ‘Ek tara’

Other than this there was the Sherry Turkle session on how the robots were more humanised and how men as a whole was shying away from being social other than online. This session did start of really well but than it fizzed out for unknown reasons. We were lucky to have been soaked in the voice of Kavita Seth when she ascended many moods with were rejuvenating voice. Early afternoon, farmers were called from Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh  to describe their plight due to the evil way of GOI in land grabbing. As much as I regret missing on Erica Jong session which many people though was great, I am happy I didn’t attend the session of proverbial nonsense minister of Idiot box Mr Manish Tewari. The session with the Kapoors  of Indian Film Industry and their legacy in the history of Indian film making was quite enjoyable with little doses of laughter.



Mad crowd for Erica Jong

Pretty inspiring stories dominated the day. Good day to think




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