IFFI 2012 – First week


November 28, 2012 by Mithil

Here are the movies I was fortunate to see in the first 5 days of ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI).

1 The Son (Ogul) (Turkey)

This first movie i saw was emotionally driven content between the fathers and sons. The story has a great premise with the backdrop of Turkish internal conflicts which on a larger scale does affect the way this film moves. There is growing sense in the middle that the movie is moving at snail-pace but that is overcome by great acting performances. The anguish and sorrow experienced and conflicting situations keep the movie alive in my opinion.   Trailer




To Kill A Beaver (Zabic Bobra) (Poland) (IMDB)

If you don’t like to wait till the end of the movie to know the last piece of puzzle that will straighten everything up from the start, then you most probably wont have any affection towards this movie. It revolves around a man who comes to his ruin of a home  with leery motives. Even though most of what was happening was random i didn’t for a single bit felt bored of it, because this movie has that quality to keep you guessing and know that some big confounding revelation is about to unearthed. The performance given by Erik Lubos is diturbingly great and that just makes the viewing more enjoyable. I think i need to brush up on Jan Jakub Kolski movies from now on.

Zabic bobra (2012) on IMDb



Rose (Roza) (Poland) (IMDB)

Perhaps the most disturbing one, this movie is about a widow of German soldier who was repeatedly raped by Russian soldiers as she was alone and vulnerable to defend. To watch her back comes a soldier who served Poland and has seen his wife being raped and brutually murdered before his eyes. One thing to note from this movie is its not about revolution or uprising, its a tale of a family and a man to survive post WWII and how love continues to prosper among them. A scale of emotion in this movie is superior and the performances from the cast does augment the very foundation of it.

Rose (2011) on IMDb


Life of Pi (2012)



Everyday (UK) (2012) (IMDB)

It not always ones sees a movie shot over a period of 5 years. This piece of great cinema directed by well acclaimed Michel Winterbottom is a moving tale of a family consisting of a mother, 4 children’s and father who is imprisoned for some undisclosed crime. I don’t know how the director did it but this movie thrives on the roles of child artists, i was totally in awe when i saw them crying for their father in movie with such honesty it all seems so natural. That’s not to undermine the other actors, they play adequately and one can sense that this could easily pass for a well segmented documentary.

Everyday (2012) on IMDb


Una Noche (Cuba) (2012)

This is a story about of 2 Cuban boys trying to flee their country to Miami. But there lies greater troubles as the sister of one boy tries to sabotage their plans so that her brother don’t abandon her. Each of these three characters have their own story which are beautifully woven into the story. At the end of all of it, friendship, relationships and love thrives into the very core of the movie. The humor placed sporadically does help the movie in keeping the attention alive.

Una noche (2012) on IMDb



After Darkness – Light (Mex/Fra/Neth) (2012)

Frankly speaking, i don’t even recollect plot and donn’t have the patience to research on it. As my friend correctly mentioned this was a surrealistic experience, where one does not know whats happening and the ending of it all makes the most enjoyable time of the movie. With all due respect to the director, i didn’t get it. The message was just not heavy enough to sink in.

Post Tenebras Lux (2012) on IMDb




In a Better World (Hævnen) (Denmark) (2010)

This movie directed by Susanne Bier is about two families at various stages of predicament. The film centers around the topic of revenge although not in cliched sense of cinema viewing. Its a victory for the characters who played the friends and most predominately Mikael Persbrandt. It in a dramatic way conveys not to heed the boiling hatred within us instead let it condense to forgiveness. Probably the one of the best seen at the fest and a must watch.

In a Better World (2010) on IMDb



Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (UK) (2012)

When the character played by Ewan McGregor who is employee at Fisheries Dept in England is approached by wealthy rich sheikh to conceive his dream of fishing salmon in Yemen, somebody expects the sheikh to crack up spouting ‘kidding’. But thanks to him that does not happen and we get to see a movie of belief, love and companionship. Emily Blunt plays the love interest and important character of the movie. The light heart comedy is at times slow but does pick on some crackling humor and laudable performances.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011) on IMDb



Trace (Iz – rêç) (Turkey) (2011)

This is a touching story of mother, son and grandson, embarking on a visit to their ancestral home so that the ailing mother can breathe her last days at a more peaceful place. The hatred among the father-son was well written and their respsective characters were well played. I was in total awe of the finer detailing done in this movie. Certainly a must watch if you can lend some extra patience.

The Trace (2011) on IMDb




Elar Char Adhyay (India) (2012)

The only Indian movie i saw in this movie, it is story of 1930s when young revolutionaries were emerging all over India in their fight for Independent India. It follows the story of Ela, who is torn between serving the revolutionary movement and surrendering to her love. This Bengali film is well written i must say but the content put on screen was too philosophical for personally me. Although the movie had a grip, it tend to slip away  the time when the attention was building up. Great performance by Paoli Dam.




Lilet Never Happened (Neth/UK) (2012)

A strong contender of winning festival competition, is a story of 12 yr old girl named Lilet and her years through child prostitution in Manila. A major standing ovation to the girl portraying Lilet, she does that with such delicately and her vivacious attitude makes it worth watching. Although some scenes maybe a bit disturbing for a normal viewer, it does depicts the near realities of the business. The way delusional and self centered attitude can harm ones own self is very well evident from this movie.

Lilet Never Happened (2012) on IMDb

White Tiger (Belyy tigr) (Russia) (2012)

This Russian movie is set in WWII, circles around the time when Russians were fearful of the lone German tank who destroyed their many battalions. It interestingly also tells a tale of a eccentric Russian tank crewman who thinks he can talk to tanks. The look of this movie is exquisite and the rumble and thundering of tanks makes this an unique experience. I remember myself being gaping in horror as the tanks thundered one canon shot after another. The ending didn’t suit me but by talking to others i found that was subjective. A must watch i would say for the way it is shot and for the tanks.

White Tiger (2012) on IMDb

Where The Fire Burns (Atesin düstügü yer ) (Turkey) (2012)

Its a story a father who tricks her teenage daughter on a road trip so that he can kill her for dishonoring his name by getting pregnant. It  is a very interesting yet disturbing subject but the makers pull this off rather nicely. Some of the moments seen in this movie are very touching but i do feel sometimes the emotions are a bit overplayed. Still this will remind in my mind for its amazing story and change of heart plot. Watch out for climax, its different and touchy.

Where the Fire Burns (2012) on IMDb




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2 thoughts on “IFFI 2012 – First week

  1. Haricharan says:

    Whoa that’s such a wonderful list of movies I’d love to get my hands on 🙂 I’m eagerly waiting for Chennai Film Festival, starting from Dec 13, which promises some really good films.

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