IFFI 2012 – Week 2

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December 1, 2012 by Mithil

Lore (Germany) (2012)

loreThe story circling a abandoned family of 5 Nazi siblings is on a run post WWII as Russia invades Berlin. It shows the travesties the family goes through when they are on road. The elder sister is the main character in the movie and she definitely does a commendable job. The maturity levels she goes through being probably 18 yr old was depicted superbly. The finish is a surprise but one with more pragmatic approach.

Lore (2012) on IMDb



Everybody In Our Family (Romania) (2012)

IFFi2012This movie is of a different crop, shot majorly in a apartment where divorce couples argue over their child and their past relationship together. It is actually funny in some instances when the ex husband goes bonkers over his ex wife and her lover. It sometimes gets repetitive somewhere in the middle but thee insanity in the movie keeps the eyes starring at the screen. Special mention to the lead actor who played the husband. This movie is a must watch for those who love others going hyper over small issues.

Everybody in Our Family (2012) on IMDb

Monsieur Lazhar (Canada) (2011)

Monsieur LazharThis well acclaimed French movie is a story a man who takes up a job at a elementary school to teach French. This shortly after their last teacher hangs herself in the very same room. The journey of students through this trauma and the answers to their agony is what this movie about. It also has that underlying story of the new teacher who is the main lead and excellent in rendering his role. Maybe the hype about the movie made me believe it was a moderate kind of movie but still needs a watch for it’s performances.

Monsieur Lazhar (2011) on IMDb


The Pirogue (Senegal/France) (2012)

The_Pirogue-Inspired by true events this movie mirrors the plight of Senegalese people who sail on a pirogue to Europe for better future and other work prospects. A slow starter, this movie catches like wild fire. Ones the people are sailing and they come across various barriers and situations which are life threatening. The main thing this movie does is that it stays true to the native soil, without divulging the story or indulging a parallel one.

La pirogue (2012) on IMDb

Porcelain Horse (Ecuador) (2011)

Porcelain Horse This movie follows the story of two brothers who accidently are involved in the death of their father. One brother in a mad rush of alcohol addiction steals the wife of a businessman while the other a perceived rockstar with liking to drugs indulges in a homosexual relation with the same businessman. The start of the movie is impressive with funny one liners and old school narration. It then begin to drag a little through the middle but the climax saves it from being total damp squib.

Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas (2012) on IMDb



Bad Seeds (France) (2012)

bad seeds/ comme-un-hommeAptly given title to a story revolving around a 16 year old boy who helps his friend to avenge against his teacher. This whole vindicating business goes haywire when the kidnaper looses the sight of the objective and does things that were never planned. The gradual exacerbation of the mental condition of the protagonist is well documented. Also is the the story of conflict between the father and son which is emotionally infective. This movie having the perfect thriller/drama recipe is beautifully shot. Must watch.

Comme un homme (2012) on IMDb

More Than Honey (Germany) (2012)

IFFI2012People who come at film-fest normally don’t associate themselves with watching documentaries. I was one of them, but after watching this one I was astounded by the sheer amount of information I was ignorant about. Every next scene had a fact about bees that made me look bird minded. Although it was far too long for a documentary, it grabbed enough of my attention to watch for some more next year.

More Than Honey (2012) on IMDb



Rust and Bone (France) (2012)

Rust And BoneThis movie has travelled all over the world competing for the prizes and is well known among the film enthusiast. Based on the story of a destitute man who comes to  live with his sister along with his son. Soon he finds a job and aids a woman through her difficult times. The movie revolving around mostly the two leads is drive through their different emotions which is mentally exhausting. Both the leads have vulnerabilities and the movie is portrayal of their overcoming through some fantabulous performances.

Rust and Bone (2012) on IMDb

The Secret of The Ant Children (France) (2012)

The Secret of the Ant Children

On a trip to Africa Cecil’s confronted by a terrorized mother who painfully hands over her baby to Cecil. Seeing no other better option, Cecile adopts baby and treats him like his own child. When he comes to 7 Cecil decides to take the child back to Africa to meet his parents. What unfolds there onwards is disturbing yet a reality we cannot avoid to overlook.

The mystery that the movie wanted to put forth was too obvious but that doesn’t take the credit away from highlighting such major issues.

Le secret de l'enfant-fourmi (2011) on IMDb


When I Saw You (Jordan/ Philistine) (2012)

When_I_Saw_You_(film)The story of Philistine refugee boy in Jordan Camp who strides out in frustration to meet his father in his beloved homeland only to be greeted afterwards by Hamas activist. This innocent story of a boy is pure at heart and genuine in it’s expressions of love and generousness. Without maligning either states of reference it carves out the desire of an individual to live in his country without any fear. I felt like the characters other than the boy needed a little bit of polishing but the story holds true.

When I Saw You (2012) on IMDb



7 Boxes (Paraguay) (2012)

7 Boxes

The story of a wheelbarrow boy in a crowded market and his aspiration to feature on TV lands him in a whirlwind of troubles. A perfect combination of conventional yet mildly realistic cinema, this movie had a lot of things going good for it. Also the innocence everytime the boy sees a TV screen and envisions him acting it out in it. This story of confusion and hilarity had the audience in splits for the whole 100 minutes. Not to be missed this movie is quite a entertainer with it’s witty dialogues and characters.

7 Boxes (2012) on IMDb



Nairobi Half Life (Kenya) (2012)

Nairobi half LifeThe protagonist of rural Kenya wants to make big in films, so one day when a theatre group visits their village he confronts them asking for a job. Instead he is duped by them and is forced to work for a car thief gang. It’s a story that is widely been used but the lead character made all the difference in this movie.The feel and the projection of Nairobi as a dream city laid with opportunist  and the current hurdles like poverty and vandalism is well shown.

Nairobi Half Life (2012) on IMDb

Éclair (Japan) (2011)

EclairThis one is a journey of young orphan boy through life and his yearning for the yummy chocolate éclair. This sweet story takes the boy through reform school, makes him part of a theatre group and as well adopted by a old lady who harbours ulterior motives. This movie slow it maybe is fine piece of cinema when it comes to children, their pureness in their performance is well reflected. Some scenes like the mention of éclair for the first time to the boy or the walk towards the devastated city during WWII is symbolic of the time and era.

Eclair (2011) on IMDb


Out In The Dark (Israel) (2012)

Out In the darkThis movie is of acceptance and tolerance in a society splayed with fear of homosexuality and xenophobia. Circles around a Palestinian college student who dreams of a better future outside Israel, falls in love with a Israeli fellow and drawn into whirlwind of political and security matters. There is also the fear that he will be abandoned by his family ones they know about his sexual preferences. The movie deals with complex emotions and navigates thorough the unspeakable actions which puts the life of the lead character into jeopardy. A must watch.

Out in the Dark (2012) on IMDb

Dormant Beauty (Italy/France) (2012)

Dormant BeautyThe movie involving different location during the last six days of life of a young woman who lived 17 years in a vegetative state. The movie questions the he right to kill one person when in vegetative state and contradicts the same in a totally different parallel story. It also involves the story of drug addict woman who wants to take her own life but couldn’t. This story intermingle into one another creating a portrait on life and death. Some of the one to one conversations in this movie are electrifyingly awesome.

Dormant Beauty (2012) on IMDb


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