The Edge Of Heaven

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December 15, 2012 by Mithil


In most movies the ending does condense into one specifically focussed perspective on which the whole 90+ minutes of a movie revolves. But what happens when there are other considerations compacted into a single film and presented eloquently to a viewer. Well it doesn’t matter much to me because for me the movies are not just about taking home the scholarly part of it. I try to dig deep into a movie to decipher the intricate relationships, the underplaying emotions and unusual behavioural metamorphosis of a individual. This I experienced watching ‘The edge of heaven’, a  Turkish/ German collaboration directed by Fatih Akin.

Nejat living with his widowed father in Germany is befuddled when he discovers that his father has bought a prostitute to live with him. The confusion turns to empathy when he learns of prostitute’s charitable work towards her daughters education and subsequently rage when his father is found responsible of the prostitute death. He then takes to Turkey, his home country to help out the daughter of prostitute, Ayten Ozturk. Meanwhile running adjacently is  the story of Ayten, rebel in her own country travels to Germany to find her mother as she finds her purpose helpless in Turkey. In Germany Ayten befriends a German girl, Lotte and is involved in a deeply romantic relationship thereafter. Being a illegal immigrant to Germany, Ayton is deported back to Turkey as a prisoner. Disapproving of her mother,  Lotte travels to Turkey to lends Ayton her support and her help in release. From this point onwards the two stories start to converge and this entanglement bring out wide range of emotion from shock to humility.

Let me start by saying that I found the father-son played out combo was pleasantly watchable. I left a chuckle when I heard the father make an indecent proposal to the prostitute. The paranoia that sets in the fathers head when he holds on to the notion that his father and his new investment are having an affair brings out the insecureness of the character. Although it’s said that Nejat is half orphan since 3 months of his birth, it is intriguing to note the contrastingly diametrical behaviour- father who is bold, brazen, hasty albeit loving to his son, son who is calm, collective and well read to handle a particular situation. The story of Ayton is more complex and involves a web of randomness. The soft, caring side of Ayton comes to the fore in the presence of Lotte, otherwise it’s just intrepid, no-nonsense straight to point attitude. Some of the scenes are well incorporated like the boarding of corpses on airplane, hint of subtlety in the death scenes of the movie. The scene of gifting novel is another one which makes perfect sense in real life, like novel we take things and people for granted. This movie is loaded with deeply thought out characters and one seems to link and like the characters as they move forward in the movie.

Being the lead I thought the performances by Nurgül Yesilçay and Baki Davrak were impressive. Also the characters Patrycia Ziolkowska and Nursel Köse also complemented their portrayals with enough honesty. But if you ask me the characters of Tuncel Kurtiz and Hanna Schygulla were most watchable because of the content they were given and the amazing performances that came through it.

This movie is fairly a complex story, it keeps the stories well steered in their narration. Fatih Akin has given us one more incredible piece of art to dwell on. Don’t miss this one

The Edge of Heaven (2007) on IMDb


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