The Ides of March – Movie Review


December 28, 2012 by Mithil

Ides of MarchLoyalty of a person towards his superior sometimes symbolizes the idealism of the person thereby attributing himself to all the qualities he believes in. He worships his dedication towards the work and is gratified by the the praise and attention he rightly receives. This leads to major mental breakdown when he learns how feeble the bond of loyalty can be when it is really put to test. His world beneath his feat collapses when the person he adored denounces himself, eventually shattering the mirrors of his virtue-strapped life. This is the time when he no longer possess the same old him and breaks away to become a man he will no longer be recognized. The Ides of March basically treads the same path.

Working for the Presidential campaign of Mike  Morris (George Clooney), Stephen Meyers(Ryan Gosling) is a charismatic handsome communication cum consultant specialist. In the build up for the USA elections two things happen which changes the course of his life and effectively the life of people around him. Firstly, he is involved in a whirl with a intern working below him, unknown to the  dark murky secrets she is familiar with. Second he agrees to meet a person from opposite candidacy on their request, again unfamiliar with their real intentions. This all comes spiraling down to climax where things are not what they were or what they will be.

Just because of my intellectual capability, I had a really tiring time figuring out how the title is related to the movie. Ofcourse I knew what the title meant, its just those little bridges between the movie and the roman history i had to come up with. Loosely I did, as I understood that the movies deals with forgotten allegiances and political slaying. The movie is about a coming of age of a character who is forced to travel through the mucky roads of internal politics. The movie  kickoff superbly with Gosling cross-checking the mike and deliberately making the speech sound hideous. Thereon it gives the backroom working of campaign right from media management to whistle-blowing  from cracking big deals with other senators to making ambitious claims. Even without having much of a background music this movie scores high on the feel factor. It majorly conveys the drama within political circus without much overstating. The big plus for me in the movie is that nobody is portrayed in a villainous manner, in a way it tells you that they are just trying to do their job and that’s how the world rotates. Half way through the move the plot goes into overdrive mixing loyalties, sabotage, vengeance in a way that its difficult to distract oneself. The movie however fails to show the other side of campaign which sounds although stupid with the plot but still it could have been a great addition.

I couldn’t be more crystal on the fact that the acting in this movie is of top class. With actors like Hoffman, Giamatti as supporting the movie couldn’t be more blessed. I don’t know about you but Drive was unarguably among the top 3 movies of 2011. Ryan Gosling has the special quality to turn serious thought inducing scenes into magic. He did it with Drive, Half Nelson,blue valentine and he does it again with this one although more profoundly. Stephen Meyers is idealist at first but then he goes through that sea change making him more stern and frigid. He is very subtle in his dramatic as well as light hearted scenes, definitely he is the cream of this movie. Philip Seymour Hoffman has contribute superbly in his movie and to say it mildly he brings his character to life. George Clooney performance is clinical although he stays more behind Gosling and Hoffman due to his directorial responsibilities and the length of his role. He potrays the role of candidate with utmost precision and certainly led me believe in his role. Other honorable mentions are Paul Giamatti, Marisa TomeiEvan Rachel Wood who gets into the skin of their characters very correctly. Again Clooney does  a fantastic job of utilizing the immense talent at his disposal.

Don’t miss the movie for its politically staged drama, for its moral conflicts, for its lost affiliations, for its superb cast and performances and lastly for its open climax that will question your perception whether the character should compromise his virtues or his career.

The Ides of March (2011) on IMDb

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2 thoughts on “The Ides of March – Movie Review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    This is entertaining even if suspense barely builds and pay-off revelations come with little surprise. Clooney, as a director, is also able to draw-out amazing performances from this whole ensemble cast. Great review.

    • Mithil says:

      Agree about the suspense being a weak link .. bu then the twist that pushes the climax was to me very astounding. Never saw that coming. thanks for the comment.

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