After the Wedding – a mellowed drama

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January 13, 2013 by Mithil


A man having a turbulent past of drugs, alcohol and adultery is suddenly bequeathed with realities he cant afford to swallow. Suddenly there are different set of people around him he feels responsible for and to afford these obligations he needs to break away from people that kept him sane all through his solitude. Behind this there is decision to take, promises to be be crushed and hearts to be melted.

Following a story of Jacob, who has to travel to his native Denmark to grant funds for his orphanage in India, he is unaware of disturbing coincidences and hidden secrets he would be compelled to stand against. Jacob played by Mads Mikkelsen is at his dramatical best playing the sober guy who thinks he has moved on from his past transgression. His congruous portrayal is deeply underlined with afflicting past which he quite blissfully conveys with those emoting eyes. I will be seeing more of him


I have seen only one other Susanne Bier movie and can safely identify the type of cinema related with her. She often construct the story of ordinary humans with plausible but stimulating situations with even more thickening emotions. The aspects where she lingers on the close shots or the sporadically encouraged eyebeaming. The movie does have some overly melodramatic scenes portraying the confliction but efficiently and brilliant in some other more subtle scenes.


There is the also the story of Jorgen played brilliantly by Rolf Lassgård who is up for a race against time, he may seem a antagonist at the first but his complex characterisation and agonisingly superb acting renders us a portrayal that in few scenes overpowers the main character. The wife Helene and daughter Anna  played by Sidse Babett Knudsen and Stine Fischer Christensen respectivley does put in lot more efforts in contributing to the story.


The movie is quite bravely handled and is very much a good watch if you are hungry for some foreign cinema(forgive me). 

       After the Wedding (2006) on IMDb 7.8/107.8/10
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