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A well to do ad media tycoon Rahul Verma (Arjun Rampal) ropes in talented female subordinate  Maya Luthra (Chitrangda Singh) and teaches her the ropes of the business. Soon the subordinate takes her work like fish to water and she begins to climb the ladders of the corporate world. On a romantic trip abroad both get romantically involved and Maya falls in love with her boss. But she soon finds out that Rahul is not interested so she takes a transfer in a bid to distance herself from her past.

7 year later, when she comes back she is given a much higher post, one that falls just below Rahul. Soon the moments between the two become disquieted and their envy creeps in their line of work. Their public & momentary loatheness at each other becomes the gossip and thus fuels more fire into their once affectionate relationship. In their cycle of giving blows back to each other, Maya files a complaint of sexual harassment against Rahul  to the board. From here starts the search for truth and reasons for their envious nature towards each other.

If I try to emphasize why I thought you should ‘inkaar’ this movie I might give away the climax or spill out the last 30 minutes of the movie. So without any spoilers, let me say this beforehand that this movie isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be or as the ratings on IMDB suggest. The movie catches up fast as we start watching it, it culminates a feeling of puzzle(let’s say Sudoku) that’s yet to be solved. The pieces are jumbled and as we swim through the narration this pieces will automatically realign to give us  the perfect picture.

For me the first half was pretty good, it was edgy in a way the two people were shown to be garnering fondness towards each other. The romance although takes a short time is uninhibited with overflowing melodrama or song sequence. As it moves forward one seems to notice the shortcomings in the writing as I was finding it difficult to decode the scenes in flashbacks. As it approached the interval I seem to let out a deep ‘ooook’ to signature my understanding. The movie is rich in witty conversation that aren’t necessarily limited to the protagonists. At interval the tension is well build up to escalate in the second half.

That precisely is what the movies fails to do. It doesn’t up the ante after a much engrossing first half. We see the the two people still fighting and the people listening to their versions still nodding heads and passing trite remarks. I honestly failed to make out what the BoD jury was all about. The whole affair seemed a joke for me. Also one major thing to  be noticed  about the movie are the lack of proper Hindi dialogues.

As the climax approached I was very much apprehensive of what it might sum up to. My fear was realised at my friends gestures when he threw up his hands  saying ‘What a waste!!’. Honestly speaking I got no problem with the climax, it’s quiet unconventional in a Sudhir Mishra movie as opposed to what’s being said. Would have liked to go with the conventional (shake hands) then? I doubt.

Performances were well driven with the content. Chitrangda Singh was superior to her co-actors as she displayed how the fairer sex are afflicted and victimised in a corporate world. She keeps the moments bright when it seems the story is failing the narrative. Arjun Rampal shakes up things well with his indifferent tone and unwavering persona. In such role a person has to emote through his eyes other than his physical gestures. It’s very sad to see prominent actors like Deepti Naval getting so less and unimportant role in this movie. Her presence doesn’t do more than wittingly rebuking a corporate officer(that scene). Vipin Sharma gets his act well but the role is shallow and often with lost possibility of going anywhere. Sudhir Mishra might have directed a entertaining film but one that falls below his yardstick of good cinema. Surprisingly I found the music to be quite good. +1.

Inkaar is a one time watch to witness something new and worrying, which is much realised in the real world. If you are Chitrangda fan you ought to watch this ..

Inkaar (2013) on IMDb 4.5/10


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