Akaash Vani

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January 28, 2013 by Mithil

Akaash vani 2013

A very rare story in Indian movie industry depicts the life of 2 persons, Akaash and Vani. Being the affectionate college lovers these two start day dreaming of their lives together after marriage until the inevitable happens. Vani sisters runs away with some other guy on her wedding day which breaks their parents heart and also makes them vulnerable to others gibes. Seeing her parents grieving, vani decides to abandon her college love. Her marriage is later arranged to a guy ivy league graduate, who supposedly earns millions in his white collar job. This deal with the future comes with some serious consequences which totally changes her.

Before going for this movie I casually asked one of my friend if this is going to be another long romantic ‘Notebook’ type melodrama. Well he wasn’t sure and a few hours later I was more sure of it. Lets not compare the two since the stories and setup is very distinct. It all started very promising with seniors asking the two main characters propose each other on their first day at college. Even after that it had some lively scenes involving the two protagonist like the the laundry room scene which actually got me all excited about it’s prospects. I was even cracking up hearing some insanely good dialogues which were well accommodated with the movie feel. But these moments of magical experience were somewhat like beep sound in a family show on TV.

The first thing that really irked the hell out of me and this might be personal choice is the use of so much colour. It was like someone was bombarding colour balloons on the screen from behind. The clothes, mufflers, furniture even the walls had different colours, ghastly!!. The movie is also splayed with many still moments of hammy romance. I can watch Pacino or Aamir Khan eye his villain for any amount of time but replace the setting and mood with two good looking characters (hardly) emoting their love to each other, I perhaps will got to sleep in the next few seconds. I know that some of you aficionados of romantic movies will tell me that I am drunk and for my own convenience should go home and read Shakespeare. I get it, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that the movie became quite lethargic after the first hour. It had it’s moments but compared to the many dull moments I had to sit through, it was testing my patience.

The movie infact imbibes very noble message, but it finds it difficult to carry the good along with it. The editing in this movie is very poor, it could have been easily a 2 hour movie. The songs and music is below par but bearable. Moving on to the cast, the two actors share a deep chemistry after their known first film. Nushrat Bharucha is superb in showing her skills throughout the movie. In another world this would have been a tailor-made female centric movie, hers to take. Kartik Tiwari does great initially with some lively moments but I have doubts when it comes to serious scenes. Luv Ranjan may have hit a homerun with Pyar ka Punchnama but in this movie,  he falls short.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like mushy romantics, others can take their chances if you have nothing to do.

Akaash Vani (2013) on IMDb


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