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This is the first time I have seen Kamal Haasan on big screen, before it used to be family viewing on television. So you can imagine my excitement when I walked into the theatre, not crediting anything to bad publicity it generated due to some nonsensical argument over the depiction of Islam and it’s people. I was even happy with the kind of effort Mr Haasan took to film it in 3 different languages. A very rare thing in India.

The story is about a man named Vishwanathan (Kamal Hassan), who has previously worked with Indian intelligence agency as a undercover operative. He Had been a close compatriot of known world terrorist Omar (Rahul Bose) during his term. Several years later he assumes a life of effeminate Indian classical dance instructor in New York, also married to Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) who is as expected is ignorant about his past. She in certain ways detest his company and vocally accepts the marriage between the two as a contract. Later in the movie certain events transpires that changes the course of both their lives and ineffect reveals the mysteries of Vishwanathan clandestine life.

The movie is great leap of faith by Kamal Haasan. This 95cr gorilla sized budget movie is best for guys who craves insane violence and hand to hand combact fighting. The cinematography is also top notch with some great captures of New York and middle east terrains. Although some can be easily identified as sets nailed together, the overall feel comes well through the scenes shot in the deserts.

Coming to the story, it’s well crafted one with the intro shot and then the subsequent rhythmic feet thumping arrival of Mr Haasan. The movie story  involves leapfrogging from one era to another. In this sequence the story keeps unfolding hinting at what the core of the story looks like. Then there are some scenes which aggravates the tension so magically leaving the audience in awe. My favourite moments has to be when Kamal Haasan goes lashing out(mildly) at his wife enlightening her about the money she got in their office safe.

Although there are numerous scenes that leaves a spectator awestruck, it also has those frustrating yawn moments. However superior the movie may be in it’s style and story telling, it leaves a bad taste somewhere in between. The screenplay isn’t as smooth as it should have been.It was like those Christmas lights that keep flashing instead of regular ones.

Nothing much to crib about the acting when only few of them got to utter the words. Kamal Hassan is the anchor, ones the likable ladylike behaviour and then the macho agent in leather jacket. He is difficult to dislike when he oozes so much of simplicity and spontaneity in his performance. Rahul Bose makes a good villain with the ‘I am smug cause a crow just shit on me’ face. I however would be more pleased if his hushed sound could be given more dialogues . Jaideep Ahlawat does well too as a right hand man to Rahul Bose. Pooja Kumar plays the uptight wife with some charm, doesn’t bore but sometimes the portrayal of a clueless wife just goes little too far.

Don’t listen to the news and let it not influence your decision about this movie. Christmas lights, anyone? yes then go and watch this one cause it deserves one

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  1. anandkumarrs says:

    Waiting to watch the original Tamil version in Mumbai. Pls do read my post on Vishwaroopam –

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