Special 26

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February 17, 2013 by Mithil

If I were to think about a Hindi heist movie by a Indian filmmakers, it would be stupid of me not to consider that movie a Hollywood remake, a bad one mind you (cough .. Players .. cough). That was before I saw Special 26. This movie and it’s makers depict everything that is in constant revolution in Indian cinema. It’s conception and subject is something that is very endearing, especially to an Indian heart.

A gang of 4 men impersonate as CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) officers and perform raids on corrupt politicians and businessman. They loot, slap, bellow and command the ‘big people’ like they are animals of barn. In this practice of serving what’s wrong and right, they are are targeted by the real CBI. The officer gets so intrigued by these conman that he devises a plan to catch them all together red handed.

Before I start putting un-colloquial words on this post let me just confess that I have seen enough heist movies.This all so mighty nature led me to believe that I knew the ending well enough 20 minutes before the climax. I even with intellectual air up in my head try to tell my  engrossed friend how the movie will end, to which I was served with enough verbal abuses. But then something happened and I was left totally flabbergasted with the turn around in story. That air up in my head disappeared like a shamelessly coward dog.

The movie is good because it has what it’s story demands – a tight screenplay. Apart from the 2 song sequence, it guides uninhibitedly, making it’s patterns quite like the popular heist movies. With the subtle humour of it’s characters and intelligent direction, the movie has a lot of scenes to get amused and laugh at. There is that scene where officer (Manoj Bajpai) tells the suspended policeman that he wont get fooled by this gang like he did and with that you know that this will be a good tom and jerry chase and the imminent win of one over other. There is also the savoring scene of interviews where young people come with very funny lines on why they want to join CBI.  Neeraj Pandey with his promising debut comes forth with another movie that is enjoyable, witty, intelligent and has enough to make your moneys worth. He has augmented his reputation to another level, maybe the one of  the best filmmaker in contemporary Indian cinema.

Performance wise it does with what little it has to offer. Akshay Kumar plays the subdued part well in accordance to the story and it’s his characterisation. But those of you who might carry the notion of his best performance yet need to slow down a little. The pick of this movie are two persons who with their portrayal make this movie so much fun to watch. Manoj Bajpai with his angry man attitude gets the part so well even with his overconfident nature of portrayal. It might seem like he will growl at you for passing a stupid comment and then he comes with the most quirky dialogue. Anupam Kher potential as a actor is far from recognised. The way he shifts his mannerisms from serious to devil-may-care attitude is worth applauding. This is just a opinion but I think that if Anupam Kher would have done something like ‘Do dooni Char’, it would have been all the more relishing (No OFFENCE RK).  He just gets the common man attitude and attire. Rest of the cast did commendably good in supporting the story. Oh and yeah watch it l so for the art direction and portrayal of cities in 80s especially Delhi.

A must, must watch.
Special Chabbis (2013) on IMDb



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