The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey

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March 30, 2013 by Mithil


Ok doing this after a long time. Took a break from the otherwise slow paced updation of the much ignored blog. Hobbit was on mind for sometime and got to watch it recently and it’s one of the movie that is fresh in my mind


Hobbit is again like LOTR falls into the category of adventure journey movies. Dwarf kingdom of Erebor is under the siege by dragon, the smaug. This forces the dwarfs to leave their homes and scatter elsewhere. The dwarf prince along with 12 others dwarfs forms a force which is determined to claim back their land ( mountain i.e.). Here to help them in their quest is eveready Gandalf the grey and reluctant Bilbo Baggins. Based on J. R. R. Tolkien book of same name this is 1st of the 3 movies planned under the book.


The real reason I wanted to watch this is not because I was excited to see another LOTR edition served with a twisted title, no. The real reason was to piece the smaller fraction in the movie to the LOTR movies. I wanted to see smaller things that went unexplained in the mega movie trilogy. To start with the movie is frustrating to sit through first 30-40 minutes because nothing much is uncovering and dwarfs are busy letting us know what they can do and are famous for. For the first large part of the movie Bilbo remains in the sidelines and it’s the Gandalf who takes charge of leading the pack. It’s without doubt that Bilbo’s character and his importance in the trilogy will grow in the next instalment but sadly he sleepwalks through first hour mark. It’s only in the last part that he gets to become the Baggins we expect to see.


In terms visual effects, it keeps me engrossed and amazed at the level of detailing done. The sequence in goblins kingdom is a visual treat that paints the very picture of the these creature to perfection. I also loved the Gollum sequence which pretty much compensated for the boring parts. I would like to applaud standing on my chair, to whoever did the translation of such wildly running words to beautifully structure motion picture. I haven’t read the books but I could imagine the creativity in developing such intricate characters especially Azog the Defiler and radhagast.

Performance wise you cant ask for much, seeing that the movie is getting adjusted into the space for more things to come out. Martin Freeman hasn’t got much to explore his abilities. His short moments with Gollum and that ‘home’ scene with Thorin shows his adaptability in Baggins shoes(no pun int). Rest of the cast which includes Ian McKellen, Sylvester McCoy, Richard Armitage etc does have their moments in between. Peter Jackson has done a tremendous job but it lacks the perseverance of LOTR.

The one thing that is good about Hobbit is it wont hamper much the concluding movies because I believe with a director like that and cast like that you can only surprise and enthral us with new things. Like the erebors, Jackson has to get his mojo right claim back the things he is known for and enthral like he used to.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) on IMDb 8.2/10
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