Gangs of Wasseypur


August 13, 2012 by Mithil

I was bummed out when I couldn’t catch the the first part, it had obviously got astounding praise and the reviews from both people and critics were promising. The other and the principle reason being it was related to Anurag Kashyap. Call me weird but every movie that rolls out with his name in the credits automatically lands in my must watch movie list. To add to the excitement he was holding the directorial hat and he himself proclaimed this to be his dream venture. Somehow I was able to witness the 5 hr movie in a period of two days.

There are some films you wish they were never made and their mere existence is contempt towards the more meaningful cinema. While there are others which also you pray you could stop, momentarily, just so you can apprehend the vivid motions and their contagious camaraderie unfurling before you. Gangs of Wasseypur undoubtedly qualifies for the later, giving us glimpses of a movie we would be proud and happy to remember and boast about. Like any good/great movie this movie lives and breathes on the performances of their characters, the dialogues they sprout and the mood  projected. The more realistic and unseen faces encapsulates the emotion brewing, never overdoing the scene. The local lingo is well inoculated to underline the theme and the feel of the movie. Kashyap never makes the movie preachy or gloomy for the body’s laid down, rather you can see humour sporadic but well spaced to keep up the interest. The intensity in some of the scenes is standout and gives me the goose bumps e.g. murder of Sardar khan and Shama Parveen. The second part of the movie is more wittier and involves some of the most funniest characters I have seen in Hindi cinema. The dialogues are well spruced up to remember for  long time. Music both in terms of background and tracks contributes heavily and emphasizes some scenes with profound intensity. Full marks to Kashyap for his directing prowess and courage to experiment with this offbeat idea.

For me few of the actors were lot influential than some others

1) Manoj  Bajpai as Sardar Khan :- From his days as Bhiku Mhatre  in Satya to Sardar Singh in GOW he has been a ever improving actor. His portrayal in this movie is that of revenge seeking goon but that never shields him from oozing out his natural persona. Not only his antics in the movie with his ladies are eye catching, the menacing looks of revenge and pitch perfect dialogues are real treat to watch.

2) Richa Chadda as Nagma Khatoon :- If ever there was to be a modern day Mother India, Richa Chadda would top my list of preferred female lead. She does what no other female actor could do in this movie i.e. be equally impressive in this cast strewn with ample male talent.

3) Nawazuddin Siddiqui  as Faizal Khan :- I really have no  idea how I could not spot Nawazuddin in Sarfarosh, an actor of such immense talent. I was blown by his portrayal in Kahani and GOW was not a surprise either. His character of a ‘baked’  Faizal Khan is aptly convincing. While he never flinches before killing a man, his ways ways of wooing the woman are contrastingly animated. At first look he might be described as to little to be a gangster, but that’s how persuasive he is in his acting.

4) Tigmanshu Dhulia as Ramadhir Singh :- IMDB states his last acting stint to be in 1998, almost 14 years prior. As a director he has some critically acclaimed movies under his belt and few other writer and producer credits. He so easily carries the character from one era to other. From a well manipulative politician he portrays everything that is going wrong in the society. He is superb in the second part playing the 70+ Ramadhir Singh with such finesse.

Other worthy mentions are Piyush Mishra, Jaideep Ahlawat, Huma Qureshi, Zeishan Quadri, Pankaj Tripathy, Vineet Singh.

GOW is gang war type of film, but certainly not Godfather and Faizal Khan is no Michael Corleone. It’s different, more indian-ized and that’s what makes the this movie watchable. If you haven’t watched it I would advise you to drop all plans and see it asap. 



8 thoughts on “Gangs of Wasseypur

  1. I missed the first part but saw the second. Thrilling experience 🙂

  2. Haricharan says:

    lovely review but I’m surprised you’re watching the first part now? Now, waiting to read your review of the 2nd part 🙂 Please watch as soon as possible 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen the second part, will catch up in few days. And I am a big fan of Richa. These actors are more impressive than most of the popular actors.

  4. With all due respect to your admiration for the film, I wish to admit that I did not enjoy the two parts as much. Have always found Anurag too experimental and craving to do novel things without enough reasoning as to why is that novelty required so urgently in the first place!

    Nice positive review though!

    • Mithil says:

      My most deep movie cravings are satisfied by the west and some extent the europeans. In that respect I call kashyap as audacious however mediocre his vision sounds. Thanx for replyin

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